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Dance Classes for Children in San Diego

Our Tiny Tot's Program is designed with thought and purpose in mind for each little dancer to evolve. Each class has been geared towards a child’s psychology and strives to create a nurturing, comfortable, and fun atmosphere.

We offer several parent/guardian participation classes; Magical Mornings, Mommy and Me, Energy, Zumba Kids, Music & Movement, and Triple Threat. All of these classes offer wonderful and fun bonding experience for young Dancers and the people that love them.

For young Dancer's looking for their first independent class we offer our Ballet and Tap classes combination class without Mom or Dad. It is so much fun to witness their progression and advancement. All of these great classes of a limited commitment at a great price!

As the Tiny Tots begin to evolve through the program, it is repetition and consistency that are vital keys to their learning process. Some may take several sessions of a class before their time has come to take the next step.

"This program will prepare them for so many things- seen and unforeseen- in their future. There are preschools, structured activities, and before long our Student's Program that will take them through their High School graduation and beyond.

"Imagine, with all they are learning today, where they will be in the future. Growing up in a dance studio creates so much more than just a healthy lifestyle and activity. There are traditions, history, personal values, and self-worth that will remain with them for a lifetime."

Class Descriptions

Magical Morning (w/guardian)
Designed for children between 15 months and 3 years, you and your child can enjoy dance and have fun together! This class introduces you and your child to the art of dance and music. We encourage a fun yet structured environment using all types of music, improvisation, basic dance moves, and song. Building self confidence, coordination, movement, imagination and a sense of rhythm is the focus. Not to mention it is the sweetest little class you will ever see.

Mommy and Me (w/guardian)
Designed for children between 15 months and 3 years. Enjoy class with your tiny dancer. Help your child discover music and movement. This gentle introduction to the world of dance incorporates Ballet, Tap, stretches, coordination exercises, and rhythm.

Energy (w/guardian or independent)
Does your young Dancer love moving to anything with a beat? If so, this class is custom-designed for him or her! In these classes, we learn the basic elements of jazz/hip hop fusion technique and explore fun modern movement to the dance hits of today!

Zumba Kids (w/guardian or independent)
This jammed packed hour of movement and fun will certainly be the highlight of your dancers week. An explosion of tumbling, Zumba, Creative Movement and the list goes on. You won’t want to miss this!

Music and Movement (w/guardian or independent)
Channel your child’s natural enthusiasm for music and movement into a rich, positive learning experience with this rhythmic class. Children will enjoy singing, creative movement, games, and gain balance, coordination, strength, flexibility and spatial awareness.

Triple Threat (w/guardian or independent )
Get it all in 1 hour! Your dancer will stay on their toes wondering what is next in this action packed class filled with Musical Theatre, Acting and Dancing.

Beginning Ballet/Tap (independent)
Once your Tiny Dancer begins to ask for independence the next step is our Beginning Ballet/Tap Class, 2-3ish and 3-4 years, this imaginative beginner class introduces young students to rhythm, music, and coordination. We use age appropriate music and imaginative props. Students will enjoy stretching their imaginations while learning to dance. Self expression through music and movement will assist the basis for further dance study. These classes are sure to create smiles and laughter and give your little one something special to look forward to each week.