Love to Dance Inc

Our Competition Dance Company


Our Competition Dance Company provides innovative, fun and high-energy Dance competition, Dance conventions, and workshops. All Experienced Dancers are welcome. Dancers as young as 4 years old are invited to try out for our groups.

Our Competition Dance Company members perform additional numbers in our Annual Dance Concert Series. Dancers attend regularly scheduled rehearsals every week. Company Dancers are  required to take specific classes to meet training and performance expectations.

Our Dance Competition Schedule

Dancer PaloozaConventionJuly 24 - 29, 2018OptionalSan Diego Convention Center
Star PowerRegionalsApril 13-15, 2018OptionalSan Diego Convention Center
The CountdownRegionalsMay 18-20, 2018MandatoryCalifornia Center for the Arts
EnergyNationalsJune 28-July 01, 2018MandatoryRiverside Municipal Auditorium
The CountdownNationalsJuly 9-14, 2018OptionalPalm Springs
24 SevenRegionalsNovember 9-11, 2018 OptionalSan Diego Convention Center
Revive DanceRegionalsDecember 7-9, 2018OptionalParadise Pointe San Diego
Hollywood VibeRegionalsFebruary 15-17, 2019OptionalGarden Grove, CA
Star QuestRegionalsMarch 8-10, 2019MandatoryUCSD
MoveRegionalsApril 5-7, 2019OptionalTown and Country SD Convention Center
Star PowerRegionalsApril 26-28, 2019 MandatorySan Diego Convention Center
EnergyRegionalsMay 3-5, 2019 MandatoryEscondido PAC
The CountdownRegionalsMay 17-19, 2019OptionalCalifornia Center for the Arts
StarpowerNationalsSummer, 2019OptionalTBA SoCal
Move or The CountdownNationalsSummer, 2019OptionalTBA SoCal
EnergyNationalsSummer, 2019OptionalTBA SoCal
Dancer PaloozaConventionAugust 4-6, 2019OptionalSan Diego Convention Center

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Register

If you are new to our Dance Family or are an existing client we would prefer to have a face-to-face registration. We want to ensure that all your questions have been properly answered and all your needs have been taken care of. To schedule an appointment please call our studio directly at 858-229-0120 or email us at

Makeup Class

Attendance is very important in a Dancer’s progress and development. Makeup classes should be completed within two weeks of a missed class. Please email or call the studio for makeup class reservation at 858-229-0120 or email

Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Any Dancer wishing to discontinue classes during the season may do so by notifying Love to Dance Inc. in writing prior to the 1st day of any calendar month and before the last portion of the dance year (May-July), thereby releasing the student from further tuition obligations. If a Dancer withdraws after May 1st they will be responsible for May - July’s tuition. The first and last month of tuition is non-refundable. No exceptions will be made.